TS™, the next generation of buy onboard technology, is used by more than 20 airlines and rail companies around the world.

Our industry proven platform enables you to effectively plan, manage, promote and sell your onboard offerings by giving you the tools and intelligence needed to control inventory, optimize food and service sales. In addition, TS gives you easy access to the data you need to decrease revenue loss and product wastage, improve supply chain forecasts and identify competitive opportunities for new services. 

As a Web-based product, TS seamlessly integrates frontend operations with back office data and planning creating a level of synergy across your organization that allows your cabin and gate crew the ability to create onboard sales campaigns, presell or upgrade passenger meals during or prior to departure.

  • Flexible platform can be configured on any smart device (Windows mobile, iPhones, iPad, or Android, among others)
  • Alternative plug and play capability with ready-to-go electronic point of sale (ePoS) system
  • Highly configurable software enables you to turn features and functions on and off allowing you to quickly make updates as business processes and/or requirements change
  • Scalable platform that can address a range of business sizes and operational models
  • Fully integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable smartphones and tablets for mobile payment services
User Interface
  • Intuitive point-of-sale graphical user interface (GUI) that assists crew with maximizing sales on board and eases the close out and reconciliation process to streamline their in-transit tasks
Security and Compliance
  • All applications, process, and data centers are fully PCI Level 1 Compliant
  • SSAE16 SOC1 compliant procedures and operations
  • 24x7x365 managed services staff supports all payment processing, electronic reporting, archival facilities and software development
  • Dynamic Web-based reporting tools to better manage day-to-day activities and management tools to help identify fraud and areas to reduce losses
  • Real-time, online reporting provides extensive cash and credit card settlement data, enabling you to review and maximize profitability through efficiencies in reconciliation and cash flow management
  • Seamless interface with your existing credit card processing company for real-time payment reconciliation
  • Ability to process and wirelessly transmit credit card transactions and other data in real time using in transit enabled Wi-Fi, if available
Data Processing and Reporting
  • Reconcile real-time sales to inventory to reduce shrinkage and identify passengers' buying trends, among other reporting functions
  • Hardware agnostic approach allows you to choose any device that best fits your business needs.
  • Alternatively, eGate also offers a ready to use electronic point of sale (ePoS) system configured specifically for the buy onboard process

Solutions Supported by TS™