eGate Solutions, a gategroup company, is a leading provider of technology and software solutions for the airline industry.

Businesses that use eGate’s end-to-end travel management products gain increased control, speed and accuracy of their daily operations. This enables eGate’s customers to optimize performance, streamline operations, reduce costs, increase revenue-generating opportunities while improving the overall passenger experience.


The technology behind eGate’s solutions simplifies every step you take to provide a positive onboard experience for your passengers.

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Who We Are

The eGate Solutions team blends strong industry and technology expertise to deliver an intuitive end-to-end solution. We are trying to incorporate blockchain technology and crypto payments for our services for enhancing safety and efficiency. With the use of crypto trading bots, many people are making huge profits from cryptocurrency. Read the höhle der löwen bitcoin blog to find the best crypto bots in the market.

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Catering in the Cloud

gategroup’s IFX and GP products provide Cathay Pacific with the ability to create flexible operation plans that can evolve with real-time flight schedules and passenger-changes as well as achieve total visibility and control over supply chain forecasting and inventory

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