Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting from eGate can support virtually all structured or unstructured data allowing you to easily perform real-time data mining from multiple sources.

The cloud-based analytics server can handle large volumes of data simultaneously and deliver custom reports to you or any other credentialed user from all eGate products and other internal systems. With eGate’s BI and Reporting product you gain control over your data and the ability to use it to improve your business operations and performance.

As a cloud-based product, it delivers powerful business intelligence that can be accessed via any Web browser or smart mobile device.  The BI and Reporting product seamlessly integrates eGate systems, your systems, ground-based warehouse functions, third party forecasting and distribution inputs and provides key reporting capabilities. This allows you to design accurate and efficient operating plans so you can better manage wastage and overages; consistently meet demand and improve customer service as well as optimize weight and storage of inflight inventory.  Additionally, you can maximize the value of your data, improve your business analysis practices and gain insight that will help you make strategic service, operations, process and infrastructure improvements daily.

  • Pre-integrated with eGate systems
  • Highly-scaleable cloud-based platform can collect large volumes of data simultaneously from virtually any source including: logs; social networks; sentiment analysis; packets and network data; Internet traffic; print streams; and document archives, among others
  • Analytics accessible through any Web browser or smart mobile device
  • Works seamlessly with Linux and Windows operating systems
Data Engine
  • Powered by a Web-based visual ETL system that is capable of exploring up to six billion records in less than a second and performing advanced analytics on a million records in under a minute
  • High capacity system with leading big-data and large scale installations
Big Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Transforms complex data into compelling visualizations including: graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, and more.
  • Customizable dashboards, statements, applications and interactive reports
User Interface
  • Intuitive Web-based visual analytics tools
  • Drag and drop capabilities simplify and speed data processing
  • Simple implementation requires minimal IT effort and employee training
  • Built-in security mechanism to manage user authentication and authorization
  • User administration module allows you to easily authorize folder and report access
  • Adapter allows users to use existing security solutions to manage authentication if preferred

Solutions Supported by BI and Reporting