About eGate Solutions

Who We Are

The eGate Solutions team blends strong industry and technology expertise to deliver an intuitive end-to-end solution that provides customers with increased control, speed and accuracy.

The eGate Solutions team is a group of experienced and dedicated industry and technology experts who use their extensive industry background to deliver solutions that meet their customers’ specific and versatile needs. Delivering a true end-to-end solution demands a team that deeply understands the inner workings of the complex airline industry and how to employ technology to simplify day-to-day operations.

eGate Solutions™, a gategroup member, is a leading provider of passenger service planning and fulfillment solutions for the airline industry based on a proven product portfolio, which includes:

e-gatematrix, llc aligned with Gate Gourmet in 2006 and introduced eGate Solutions in 2008 as a new gategroup member company. Today, eGate Solutions has offices in the U.S., Europe and Australia, a customer base of more than 25 airlines and the market’s only end-to-end passenger service planning and fulfillment solution built on proven technology and systems.