To follow are answers to some commonly asked questions about the TS4 retail technology solution:

Q: What kind of services do you offer to assist in a smooth transition?
A: eGate Solutions makes implementation services available to assist in a phased rollout of the TS4 application platform. This is done through our project management office (PMO), following PMI methodologies.  eGate Solutions will work closely with you to successfully manage every phase of the implementation process.  We can even take on some or all of the deployment tasks to ensure that a seamless rollout is achieved.

Q: What type of training program does eGate Solutions provide for TS4?
A: We train all users on the functionality of the hand-held device through in-person group sessions; desktop sharing or Web conferencing (i.e. WebEx); online computer based training; or train-the-trainer type scenarios – whichever meets your needs.  eGate Solutions will provide all training materials for the end users, as well as a back-office and troubleshooting guide.  

Q: How long does it take to learn how to use the hardware?
A:  Because our program is intuitive and very user-friendly, it shortens the learning curve for mastering TS4 and its applications.  Proficiency generally can be achieved in 15 to 30 minutes of hands-on training.  eGate Solutions also provides quick reference guides on the device’s functionality, along with basic troubleshooting tips and techniques.

Q: Once the system is in place, how can we track the devices?
A: eGate Solutions has developed a comprehensive tracking system that allows the client to view the location of each device.  Tracking can be accomplished by the last IP address used, a history of flights the device has been loaded for, the originating and destination city of the flight, as well as the time and date of the last activity.

Q: Collecting receipts during a flight could be tedious for the Flight Attendant. How can you guarantee the collection of receipts for reconciliation?
A: We use a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) platform that does not require a signature for any purchase under $25. For all purchases over $25, the device has automatic signature capture, and no physical receipt is required.

Q: We have non-traditional business hours.  Can eGate Solutions support a 24-hour operation?
A: Yes.  Dedicated airline support is offered 7 x 24 x 365.  Support requests are immediately given a priority level based on certain criteria and are assigned a service number for easy reference. 

Q: Are the reporting features offered in Real Time?
A: Yes, the eGate Solutions TS4 application provides real-time reporting and immediate Web access to view reports.

Q: What kind of warranty does eGate Solutions provide with its hardware?
A:  We provide warranty maintenance or, if necessary, replacement hardware, in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty on items we supply. 

Q: We are very conscientious about protecting our customer’s privacy. What kind of information is stored by eGate Solutions?
A: eGate Solutions is a CISP-certified, PCI Level 1 Service Provider. We are held to very high standards regarding the data we collect. All data is encrypted and kept solely for payment purposes. All information/data collected belongs to our customers and is never distributed to any outside parties.

Q: Do you have the capability to accept affinity or frequent flier cards?
A: Yes. We can use any card that has either a bar-code, or a magstripe, affixed to the card.

Q: Can we personalize and/or brand the software?
A: Yes, the software can be personalized for the individual airline, including brand identification on items such as sales receipts.

Q: Do you have wireless capability?
A: Yes.  The eGate Solutions hardware includes a wifi capability that allows the airline to use this feature anywhere that has wifi connectivity. 

Q: We would like to incentify the sales of merchandise. Do you have commission tracking capability?
A: Yes.  The system offers customizable secure authentication using employee airline badges. By using this feature, customers can track sales by Flight Attendant or crew member.

Q: Does the system support Virtual Products?
A: Yes.  Our TS4 solution offers a diverse set of highly profitable products and services.  Some airlines use TS4 to sell virtual products such as ground transportation tickets, entertainment vouchers, theme park passes, or even lottery tickets. The TS4 also can be integrated with on-board In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems to capture IFE usage as well as transactions placed through a seat-back touch screen.

Q: Does back-office technology support analytical reports?
A: Yes.  You can run analytical reports comparing the expected sales and inventory depletion with actual funds deposited.  

Q: What type of reporting is possible regarding Flight Attendant activities?
A: Sales Performance analytics can be used provide incentives to onboard personnel and to help control/reduce shrinkage.

Q: What types of reports are available to determine buying trends?
A: Forecasting and supply chain planning for enhanced product and services selection, as well as inventory and revenue reconciliation.

Q: Do you support Chip&Pin;?
A: Yes, we accept Chip&Pin; credit cards and smart cards.