InFlight Exchange (IFX4)™

Delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, IFX4™ provides information transparency and process efficiency to manage complexity and increase quality while also reducing costs. Our state-of-the-art suite of business applications enables airlines and their partners to manage all aspects of onboard service, from design and delivery to monitoring:

- The Onboard Community Portal
The point of access to all modules -- where everything happens and the airline and its partners come together.

- Service Scheduling
Converts the airline’s flight schedule into a catering schedule and service demand forecast by applying sets of rules.

- Specification Management
Manage specifications like menus, meals, dishes, ingredients, ground services, etc., including pictures, loading ratios, cycle rotations and prices in a consistent format and through online collaboration.

- Service Ordering
Automatically creates services orders for each flight, using real-time data flowing through different airline system.

- Invoicing
Ensures billing accuracy and supports a range of models, from simple invoice matching to complete reverse-billing.

- Galley Planning
Designs aircraft and galleys layouts for loading products into containers. Powerful reports and analyses include packing and loading instructions, as well as weight and fuel-cost impact reports.

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