With the eGate Airline Solution you finally gain the control you need over your complete operations from planning to executing to reporting.


Seamlessly share information across your network to effortlessly streamline operations, increase accuracy and improve performance, saving you time and money

  • Galley Planning

    Galley design is a complex and critical business function at the core of the flight planning process. It is a time-consuming and detail-driven role that if not done properly can affect everything from airline departure times to inflight customer services to non-compliance issues.

    Galley Planning from eGate allows you to easily plan your galley space as well as the packing and loading of items on and off your aircrafts.  Through a user-friendly central console, eGate empowers you to seamlessly share information with your caterers and calculate equipment requirements across your fleet. This level of detailed planning provides your cabin crew with the information and materials they need to create an exceptional travel experience for your customers. Our industry proven technology enables you to effortlessly design and optimize your galley plans to streamline operations, increase accuracy and improve performance, saving you time and money.

    Caterer Portal

    Provides an interactive, easy-to-use and highly accessible dashboard to streamline communications between the galley planner and caterers allowing you to print out flight labels, packing diagrams and a variety of inventory lists and instructions

    Change Impact Analysis

    Enables informed decisions on catering changes with full knowledge of the total impact to minimize disruption in service or catering errors

    Drag-and-Drop Cart Planning Functionality

    Simplifies cart planning by allowing you to add or move virtual service items between different drawer and tray configurations to optimize loading

    Optimizes and speeds load planning for new and existing aircrafts

    Decision Support

    Allows you to search existing and draft loadings to make informed decisions and effectively implement new business requests

    Product Versioning and Change Controls

    Allows planning teams to control caterer access to draft galley configurations. Final plans are easily shared as published when they are ready to execute

    Real-time Data Publishing

    Reduces processing time by: providing loading instructions globally; responding to active flight or aircraft changes and providing full set of updated aircraft, galley and equipment packing diagrams online

    Equipment Forecasting

    Calculates the in-flow and outflow of all equipment from each station based on the airline’s schedule and feeds the data into the logistics and ordering systems. This reduces overage and wastage costs as well as expensive last minute shipping expenses to rectify an under stocked flight.

    Detailed Galley Schematics and Packing Lists

    Ready-to-print diagrams and flight specific labels for carts and equipment as well as up-to-the-minute stowing and packing instructions greatly reduce loading errors

    Creates a positive customer experience through accurate onboard service planning

    Rule Engine

    Powerful rules engine that assigns and modifies loadings based on schedule criteria such as flight time, departure and arrival ports, time of day, etc.

    Task Manager

    Creation and tracking of tasks integrated with the operations carried out to the loadings allows the airline requests to be logged and managed

  • Inflight Service Design and Scheduling

    Ordering, scheduling and preparing meals and services for flights combine a series of complex and changing variables. Making sure that you have the correct amount of products on your flights and that they are the right portion size, measurements, packaging style as well as culturally appropriate takes a considerable amount of time and focus.  Then relaying that information across the web of people responsible for planning, loading and serving those items on the varying flights across your fleet further complicates the process.

    The eGate Inflight Service Design and Scheduling Solution enables you to effectively plan your flight services. The solution’s rules engine uses 20 standard flight characteristics to automatically build your services, bringing increased structure and control over every scheduled onboard service. Carriers can easily add and test new flight characteristics to meet their specific and ever-changing needs.

    Caterer Portal

    Enables better collaboration with caterers during the menu planning process, reducing resource costs

    Service-based Planning

    Enables you to manage everything that needs to be planned, designed, procured, and priced in one centralized location

    Creates a single screen for editing all services that also includes a bill-of-materials feature enabling you to define the quantity of a service component via key attributes such as fixed quantity or ratio, among others

    Clear workflow enables ease of use and consistent approach by all users

    Powerful Search and Filtering

    Services, loading, equipment and other items can all be filtered, searched and viewed against any number of parameters and exported and integrated to other systems  

    Enables you to easily search on a series of variables from a specific ingredient to a type of aircraft

    Configurable Rules Engine

    Simplifies the task of assigning services to flights, tracking changes and managing schedule updates

    Flight tags gives you the flexibility and ease of categorizing or grouping flights according to certain criteria to simplify and expedite the planning of similar flights

    Hypothetical flight service schedules and service demand forecasts to enables accurate planning and analysis of different schedule scenarios

    Specification Design tools

    Provides meal design and planning functionality in a structured, user-friendly and productive way allowing the airline and their suppliers to design and price specifications through an online collaborative workflow

    The pricing can be stored against any service specification with its own effective date and status of: requested, proposed or approved

    Prices are defined for one or more stations using the currency specified by the user

    Specification Versioning and Categorization

    Enables airlines to manage changes to menu plans by assigning version numbers. Each version has its own effective date and status of: draft, proposed and approved to create clear communications with caterers on final plans

    Automatically manages the new version and approval process and communicates changes to appropriate channels

    Data can be easily reused which reduces data entry, maintenance time and user error

    Flexible, powerful and customizable categorization capabilities that enable airlines to easily define a range of possible values

    Real-time Data Publishing

    Expedites decision making process on menu design and creates accuracy of all changes by communicating with caterers and vendors across all aircrafts and stations in real time via a single channel

  • Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting

    Accurate inputs are key to the modeling process for an effective supply chain and forecasting system.  The cost of failing to maintain an accurate forecast can have a significant financial impact. However, every day the activities of your team and passengers create a wealth of data that can help you better plan and forecast your supply demands. 

    The eGate Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting Solution allows you to maximize on that data by giving you access to easy to use reports that enable you to design accurate and efficient operating plans. These plans help you better manage wastage and overages; improve customer service by always meeting demand as well as optimize weight and storage of inflight inventory.

    Specification Management

    Manage the specifications for meals, dishes, ingredients, ground services, etc., including pictures, loading ratios, cycle rotations and prices

    Production Service Demand Forecasts

    Improves planning by providing forecasted data on the services schedule based on: month, week, day, catering station, service code and expected demand quantity

    Cumulative Data-based Scheduled Services

    Enables better service planning and reduces costs associated with product wastage using cumulative data collected from daily flight operations

    Equipment Forecasting

    Fleet-wide visibility of every piece of equipment across your network allows you to reduce shortages and surplus as well as emergency sales orders, resulting in significant cost savings as stock is only purchased when required