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eGate Solutions™ establishes local, dedicated Customer Care teams that work closely with your internal resources, providing support and additional resources to ensure a first-rate passenger experience in line with your airline's inflight concept. We handle day-to-day behind-the-scenes issues, allowing you to focus resources on strategic activities and customer-oriented activities.

In order to meet the different emerging needs and operational demands of airlines, eGate Solutions provides a flexible service offering allowing airlines to select services for the specific areas where they need support. Our management services generally fall into one of two classifications:

* Projects - eGate Solutions assists clients with implementation issues as well as tackling specific operational challenges such as menu development
* Inflight Management - we offer a range of management services that allow you to dedicate internal resources to your core business, leaving the sourcing and coordination of inflight services to us

Whether you need assistance on a project basis, support for part of your inflight services management team or are looking for a complete inflight management service provider, eGate Solutions has a team with the experience and skill set to meet your requirements. The diversity of our team creates an unparalleled depth of experience and knowledge that combines a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing an airline with the ability to bring best practices from other fields to bear upon an issue.

Benefits Include:

* Modular - You can select which services fit your internal needs
* Enables you to focus on strategic initiatives while day-to-day management is handled by eGate Solutions
* Maximizing value at the lowest cost
* Dedicated Customer Care Team
* Integrated product development strategy to ensure optimized product and service offerings for your passengers