Welcome to eGate Solutions

eGate Solutions is a globally recognized provider of software and services for in-flight service management.

Our InFlight Exchange (IFX)® suite of business applications can help you decrease costs, reduce process complexity, improve efficiency, minimize waste, and enhance the in-flight experience -- all while giving you more time to focus on your core fllight operations and customer service.

In its current iteration, the InFlight Exchange 4 (IFX4)™ suite is modularized, delivered in an Application Service Provider (ASP) model.  IFX4 modules cover the key aspects of the onboard value chain:

Communications portal
The point of access to all IFX4 applications

Service Scheduling (ESS4)
Rules-based service scheduling to ensure that every flight has the right level of service

Menu Planning (MM4)
A menu design and planning tool with collaborative features to benefit from both airline and caterer menu design expertise

Service Ordering (ESO4)
Day-of-operation service ordering tool, which ensures accurate communication of orders and can reduce meal wastage

Service Validation (ESV4)
Invoice validation solution that assures billing accuracy and supports a range of models from simple invoice matching to complete reverse-billing

Galley Planning (GP4)
Next generation galley planning software, with smart integration into all areas of the planning and operations process

eGate Solutions contracts its services to more than 20 leading airline customers, including Delta, Qantas, Northwest, Aeromexico, LAN, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, and British Airways.  

Let us help you, too, take your onboard service to a whole new level.