October 21, 2014

Register for eGate’s Webinar, “Tag, You’re It: Bringing the Simplicity of Tagging to Onboard Catering Services.”Newsflash

The second webinar in eGate’s Educational series will delve into the market pressures driving changes in ingredient labeling and the impact it will have on the airline onboard services industry. It will also discuss how tagging technology can ease the resulting operational and business burden.

Targeted toward those responsible for providing inflight catering and support services, eGate’s second webinar in its fall series titled, “Tag, You’re It: Bringing the Simplicity of Tagging to Onboard Catering Services” will explore the complexity of the meal designer’s world.

The presentation will discuss how the seriousness of managing hundreds of meals daily is further exacerbated by: non-allergen special requests; increasing demand for better visibility of a meal’s composition; as well as growing government pressure to improve ingredient labeling.

Through the session, attendees will learn:
  • How changing consumer behaviors and expectations combined with growing government regulations will drive more stringent and detailed labeling requirements
  • How catering departments with their catering partners can improve internal procedures to build meals down to the simplest ingredient, allowing them to audit any service at any time
  • How tagging technology has simplified the organization of important information for other industries, as well as within our own personal lives, and how that applies to the airline onboard services industry
  • How airline caterers can gain control over the complex business of planning, processing, preparing and serving food items above the wing.

eGate will host a live session of “Tag, You’re It: Bringing the Simplicity of Tagging to Onboard Catering Services” on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. EDT (3:00 p.m. GMT). Get more information or to register for the webinar here.

Rodney Duty, Senior Director, Product Management and Implementation, eGate, will lead this second presentation in the company’s three-part webinar series that focuses on the major technology challenges facing the airline onboard services industry today. Simon de Montfort Walker, President and Managing Director, eGate will moderate.

If your were unable to attend eGate's first webinar in the series titled, "Where Onboard Services and Passenger Experience Converge," you can still watch a live recording of our presentation here.

The webinar details how the lines are blurring between the hard and soft products in a cabin and the back end managing the data flow. Co-presented by Walker and Cenith Wheeler, Senior Director, Business Development, eGate, the two share best practices and guidance on how airlines can assess their existing operations and infrastructure and build a logical plan to advance and modernize their systems.