March 25, 2015

The Floor in Flight at WTCE 2015

Experience eGate’s new pre-order and pre-select technology from the WTCE Expo floor just as your passengers would experience it in the air.

Rather than just brief you on our new technology, we invite you to experience the power of our true end-to-end pre-select and pre-order solution from the show floor.

Just like a passenger pre-selecting a meal when they confirm their flight, our interactive demonstration will allow you to use our technology to order an appetizer-sized dish from the eGate booth. While our Gate Gourmet chefs prepare your pre-selected dish, eGate can provide you with a demonstration of the product. You’ll quickly see that our technology makes it as easy for you to plan your flight meals as it is for your customers to order one.

Please email eGate at if you would like to participate in our Floor in Flight event and learn more about how our solutions can help you deliver a more tailored and customized experience to your passengers.

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