June 30, 2016

Technological Innovations in Inflight ServicesNewsflash

Mobile devices and inflight connectivity help upgrade the passenger experience

Connectivity is important. People access information on the go all the time through their mobile devices and order products and services whenever and wherever it’s convenient to do so. People want the same flexibility while traveling, and airlines are increasingly turning to mobile technology to empower passengers by giving them control over their travel experience. Trade magazine Low Cost & Regional Airline Business looks at what this trend implies for airline catering.

As one major component, connectivity makes it possible for passengers to make purchases when and how they choose, and from a wider selection of available sale items. gategroup's InSeat Ordering solution, which was developed together with Vodaphone, M2M and Panasonic, allows passengers to make sales selections and payments at their convenience during the flight without having to wait for a flight attendant. Crew can focus on service delivery instead of payment processing and airlines can better stock flights and thereby reduce wastage and fuel consumption.

“Having a comprehensive, onboard retail solution, with global connectivity, means that passengers can also order pre or post-flight from an extended menu of items for home or hotel delivery, as well as for their return flights,” said gategroup's Chief Technology Officer Simon de Montfort Walker. He added, "As aircraft become more connected in flight, we can further enhance our products to take advantage of that connectivity. There is so much opportunity to innovate and it’s meeting real market need. Passengers want more on their flights and they want the ability to have control over their experience.”